Florida Flower Show Judges Mission Statement 

"To enhance the knowledge and skills of our judges through education, in the fields of horticulture and design with flower show schools, symposiums and practical application with flower shows, floral design classes and other exhibitions."


“Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

            As we begin a new FFSJ Administration, it is my hope that the next few years will include for each of us, an awareness and  deep appreciation of where we are today in our Flower Show Judging World, fond memories of yesterday’s legacy and great expectations for all that we can do with our tomorrows. Thus, the theme that I have chosen for this Administration is “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”.

            The plan from our beginning was that all NGC Accredited Judges would Judge fairly and in a uniform way by staying educated and involved. This will always be an underlying theme for each of us.  We can do this by attending our local Judges Council and FSSJ meetings,  attending more than one Symposium in three years, auditing  Flower Show School Courses, attending available Design and Horticulture programs and staying involved with our local Club, District and State Flower Shows. To the best of our abilities, let’s each consider renewing our efforts, revitalizing our involvement, and especially, remember to have fun along the way.

            As your President, I would encourage each of you to ensure that your passion for Flower Shows and all that they entail is indeed alive and well. The beauty that we create and friends we make while working together are priceless gifts not to be taken lightly.

            We hear bits and pieces of what may or may not be in the 2017 Handbook coming out in the late spring of 2017. It’s impossible not to think of these possible changes but the truth of the matter is we have a year and a half to continue to uphold the guidelines available to us in the 2007 Handbook. There have been many changes since 2007, so let’s insure that we are currently up to date with all of them and remain Florida’s Fabulous Flower Show Judges.

Glenda Dawson

Glenda Dawson, FFSJ President

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